The Authorization team creates the entry points for all financial transactions, making it simple for merchants (our customers) to operate their businesses. Our authorization APIs also enable developers (our partners) to accept their first payment in a few hours.

You will be improving the quality of our authorization APIs as well as the integrations with multiple capture devices (mobile applications and POS terminals). You will implement procedures to ensure that our production endpoints are compliant with our quality standards, ensuring that software changes don’t introduce bugs and the integration with different software components and devices is seamless.

As a member of the engineering team, you are expected to have a high bar for quality of code and quality of user experience. Due the nature of our business, candidates with the ability to handle multiple projects with changing priorities will thrive at CloudWalk.

Quality assurance at CloudWalk:

We take quality very seriously at CloudWalk. The company founders and all directors have a solid software engineering foundation, so our QA vision might be slightly different.

Reports and test summaries are interesting, as long as they are entirely automated. Even though your main role is QA, you are a software engineer after all, so your time will better used with actual pull requests, automated tests or pair programming with other software engineers.

What You'll Be Doing:

  • Collaborate with the development team to implement requirements in terms of testability, consistency and compliance
  • Assist in the configuration, use, and management of test versions and test data

  • Investigate authorization issues and interact with the development team to solve them

  • Review pull requests from other software engineers (eventually pair programming with them)

  • Horizontally interact with other QA engineers throughout CloudWalk's engineering team

What You Need To Succeed:

  • Good understanding of product development, underlying system architecture and user requirements

  • Solid experience and a passion for testing and requirement analysis

  • Good knowledge of Relational Databases, SQL and ORM technologies

  • Experience in functional, regression, performance and exploratory testing

  • Previous experience with Ruby and Ruby on Rails

We are not expecting candidates to have expertise across all of these areas. We will gladly help you bridge the gaps.

As a member of a full remote and distributed team, you are expected to complete tasks autonomously and unsupervised, being highly collaborative and self-directed.