The Integrations team connects both internal and external APIs to create the pipes and rails of most CloudWalk applications. In addition to integrating APIs, the team is also responsible for implementing and extending the core API capabilities.

You will play a critical role in expanding our APIs capabilities (payment networks, CRM, notifications, KYC, etc) and building highly performant, reliable, and compliant systems. We are looking for a candidate with proven leadership skills, a strong background in building successful products (ent-to-end), being comfortable in dealing with lots of moving pieces, with great attention to detail.

As a member of the engineering team, you are expected to have a high bar for quality of code and quality of user experience. Due to the nature of our business, candidates with the ability to handle multiple projects with changing priorities will thrive at CloudWalk.

What You'll Be Doing:

  • Work with engineers and other leaders at CloudWalk to design, develop and extend our core APIs
  • Empower the engineering team to achieve a high level of technical productivity, reliability, and simplicity
  • Investigate and fix integration problems, alongside performance and scalability issues
  • Review pull requests from other software engineers (eventually pair programming with them)
  • Help in the process of recruiting great engineers
  • Mentor and develop engineers on the team, helping them advance in their careers
  • Contribute to CloudWalk engineering-wide initiatives

What You Need To Succeed:

  • 8+ years of experience developing Ruby on Rails or Javascript applications
  • Operated critical infrastructure and worked with prominent cloud providers
  • Solid DevOps experience and familiarity with CI/CD pipelines
  • Great knowledge of Relational Databases, SQL, and ORM technologies
  • Outstanding communication skills
  • Excellent organizational and leadership abilities

We are not expecting candidates to have expertise across all of these areas. We will gladly help you bridge the gaps.

As a member of a full remote and distributed team, you are expected to complete tasks autonomously and unsupervised, being highly collaborative and self-directed.