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We’re making a global payment network, starting with the fastest-growing acquirer in Brazil that helps 100.000+ merchants with the lowest transaction fees and a default no-fee anticipation of cash flows, and a Self-driving bank, an autonomous bank that runs entirely by machines and is capable of lending money at scale in seconds without human intervention. Take a look! ( /

We're looking for someone who wants to join a new team that is responsible for monitoring all the company operational day-to-day. This is a key position that helps us operates well with a great performance, which allows us to run faster and deliver the best experience for our customers.

What you will be doing:

  • Monitor the daily operational activities
  • Track issues through to resolution
  • Report incidents and communicate with the responsible team or third parties for resolution and root cause analysis and documentation
  • Perform tests and implement monitoring procedures improvement

What you need to succeed:

  • Practical SQL skills
  • Intermediate Excel skills
  • Data visualization and analysis skills
  • Basic programming knowledge
  • Sense of urgency
  • Strong sense of commitment and partnership
  • Autonomy on solve problems and learn
  • Responsibility
  • Attention (constant look into the operations)
  • Maturity to deal with the company problems
  • Clear and proactive communication, including phone calls
  • Proactivity and agility

We are not expecting candidates to have expertise across all of these areas. We will gladly help you bridge the gaps.

As a member of a fully remote and distributed team, you are expected to complete tasks autonomously, being highly collaborative and self-directed.

Diversity and Inclusion

We believe in social inclusion, respect, and appreciation of all people. We promote a welcoming work environment, where each CloudWalker can be authentic, regardless of gender, ethnicity, race, religion, sexuality, mobility, disability, or education.